The journey to ‘Here’ #4

Golden Circle retreat – it felt like water on a hot day; it quenched the mind, body and spirit; it massaged the self  …

I realised that, possibly, maybe, there was a decent chance, that life could be lighter …


I expressed my greatest fear and cried in front of women that had become friends.

I ran out of words to express emotions.

I had hugged and been hugged without veneer.

I was stretched and reminded of the emotional state of childhood – where there was inexplicable joy in just being; where I had a sunshine-warmed interior.

And this retreat extended that childhood lightness. I didn’t worry about … anything … I felt connected; and emotional; and I felt softer … less ‘fingernails gripping the edge of a building’

Life was light…

and joyous …

And I want to replicate that …

And this blog is an exploration of how I might bring more joy into life, how I can create lightness, how I can stay soft … and connected … and emotional …

… and how I can weave together the different parts of my self – the strong, the stubborn, the intelligent, the emotional, the vulnerable and the soft – to be the person that I knew as a child that I would become, that I sense now as a possible future.



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