The journey to “Here” #5

I am very much influenced by my surroundings and Ibiza quickly became a multi-sensorial blank canvas … exploration available in any direction …

The sounds and smells were peace-inducing; encouraging reflection but not requiring it.

Pool-acquas, painted wall-whites, pine-greens murmured, whispered without shouting – comfort, serenity.

The textures were fat with history – doors swung heavy, floor tiles terracotta-thick, silken-smooth polished cement … solidity, surety, stability.

To be happy, to stretch emotionally, one needs … I need … to feel comfortable physically. It’s when the physical needs are met that the mental needs can consume.

And I was stretched emotionally – and I felt joy for the first time in a long time – and now I want to recreate that … or, rather, extend on that …

Because life cannot be a strong of motions that are going through …

So, I’m using my innate ability for the analytical to find what brings joy … what elements do I need to feel contentment – pleasure … what brings a smile to my face …. what makes me feel light … and how can I incorporate these into my everyday …



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